Wart, Cyst, and Lipoma Removal Near Papillion.

Wart, cyst, lipoma, and mole removal are common procedures completed at MOD Dermatology near Papillion. While these skin lesions are typically non-symptomatic and pose no health threat, there are some reasons why a person would want to get them removed—if the growth becomes larger or uncomfortable, or becomes cancerous.

Our certified dermatologists at MOD Dermatology often provide our patients from Papillion with wart, cyst, lipoma, or mole removal. Call our surgical dermatology office near Papillion today to schedule a skin exam. 

Common Skin Growths and Treatments

Warts are caused by a skin infection from the human papillomavirus. They appear as small, round, flesh-colored bumps. This benign lesion is highly contagious, and it is important to avoid contact with other people. The wart may go away on its own. If not, treatment options include cryotherapy.

Cysts are sacs of fluid found on the skin or inside the body. There are several types of cysts including epidermal (sebaceous), trichilemmal (pilar), and milium. When you come in for a cyst removal, the dermatologist will use a local numbing agent on the affected area. The cyst will be removed with an incision that allows the sac to drain, or by surgically removing the entire cyst from the body. 

Lipomas are generally non-cancerous and grow at a slow pace, forming fatty lumps situated under the skin and above the muscle. They are characterized by their movable nature when you press on them. Common locations for lipoma growths are on the neck, shoulders, back, belly, arms, and legs. Often, they don't need medical intervention unless they cause discomfort, pain, or exhibit growth. In unusual cases, it is possible for these lumps to turn cancerous, though it is not uncommon for some people to have several lipomas.

Moles are darkened skin growths that often appear where the skin receives constant sun exposure. They occur when your pigment-forming cells clump together. At our surgical dermatology office in the Papillion area, mole removal is a routine procedure our dermatologists provide often. An examination of the mole will be completed before its removal, and a biopsy may be performed if cancer is suspected. The removal is done by shaving or by surgically removing the mole. 

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