Our Omaha dermaplaning service is a cosmetic treatment used primarily to remove unwanted peach fuzz and hair using a scalpel. The treatment is also performed as an elevated exfoliator. It is a painless and non-invasion process that smoothes your skin and helps remove acne scarring. There is no required downtime afterward for recovery so you can go about your daily activities. Dermaplaning can remove upwards of two weeks of dead skin. This treatment is great for those with more sensitive skin, and because of the little to no risk of this procedure, it is a safe procedure for almost any age. Still, it is recommended to have the treatment done by a professional because your dermatologist has the proper precision scalpel made specifically for the treatment, thus avoiding the risk that you will cut yourself and cause scarring. 


One of the main benefits of dermaplaning at our Omaha office is rejuvenated, smoother skin. By shaving away the topmost layer of skin, the newer, young-looking skin is revealed below. This brings about an overall rejuvenated appearance as well as a luminous glow. Peach fuzz is also taken off through shaving which contributes to smoother-looking skin. 

Dermaplaning also helps your makeup go on smoother by taking away the dead skin cells and peach fuzz before applying your foundation. Our Omaha-based dermaplaning treatment removes the top layer of dirt and oil which creates smaller-looking pores. It also helps with redness and discoloration. Specifically, for those with rosacea, it can significantly reduce their symptoms. The procedure increases cell turnover while reducing redness. 

If your skin looks dull and dry and you want luminous, fresh-looking skin, or if you have problems with rosacea, skin redness, and hyperpigmentation in the Omaha, NE area, you are probably a great candidate for dermaplaning at our office. This treatment will reveal your natural beauty beneath. Call us at 402-505-8777 to book your dermaplaning appointment with MOD Dermatology in Omaha today!