Skin Examinations 

One of the most frequent requests at MOD Dermatology is for a full-body skin examination, sometimes referred to as a “skin check” or “mole check.” Dr. Melanie Ortleb and Physician Assistant Amy K. Price perform full-body skin examinations for patients with a history of multiple or atypical moles, history of pre-cancers, history of basal cell or squamous cell skin cancer or history of melanoma and more.

Who should consider scheduling a full-body skin examination?

  • Anyone wanting a baseline skin examination and teaching on what is important to watch for on your skin
  • Anyone with a history of actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma
  • Anyone with a history of melanoma
  • Anyone with a family history of melanoma
  • Anyone with atypical nevi or “moles”
  • Anyone with a history of tanning bed use or outdoor tanning
  • Anyone who has had multiple sunburns
  • Anyone with frequent sun exposure or an outdoors occupation

What is involved?

The thought of having all of your skin examined by someone can be stressful for some people. We try to make the experience as comfortable as possible by providing you with a gown and keeping you strategically covered throughout the exam. While Dr. Melanie Ortleb and Physician Assistant Amy K. Price prefer to look at all of your skin, you can undress to what makes you most comfortable. Don’t forget to remove all of your makeup and nail polish before your appointment so that you can have the most thorough exam possible.

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A doctor analyzing an older patient's hand for any abnormalities.