Geriatric Dermatology in Omaha

We understand that the needs of our patients change as they get older. This is why MOD Dermatology in Omaha specializes in dermatology for the elderly. While skin aging is a normal part of life, it can increase one's susceptibility to certain skin conditions, such as skin cancer, age spots, and liver spots. Treatments can have a variety of effects on seniors, so it is important to see a geriatric dermatology specialist in Omaha. 

Geriatric Dermatology for Skin Cancer

Our defense systems against skin cancer diminish as we age. This is why it is important to continue to use preventative measures as you get older. The two most common types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Basal cell carcinoma is slow-growing and is located in the lower part of the epidermis. Squamous cell skin cancer occurs in the outer part of the epidermis and can spread to lymph nodes and internal organs. 

The earlier skin cancer is detected, the more effective treatment can be. Receiving a yearly skin exam is crucial to detecting potential abnormalities early on. Contact our geriatric dermatology clinic in Omaha today to schedule your skin exam.

Age Spots

Also known as liver spots, age spots are areas of the skin that are exposed to more light, which develop spots that are darker in color with age. As you age, melanin buildup occurs due to UV light exposure. Those at a greater risk of developing this skin condition include people who are fair-skinned, have a history of tanning, work an outdoor job, or spend regular time out in the sun. There are a variety of treatment options for this skin condition, including cryotherapy, dermabrasion, chemical peels, topical medication, and light therapy. 

Call MOD Dermatology for Geriatric Dermatology Services in Omaha

At MOD Dermatology, we specialize in providing services to treat skin cancer, aging spots, and liver spots for seniors in Omaha. Our experienced dermatologists offer the latest treatment options and care for our respected elderly patients. Call us today to schedule a consultation or to request an appointment for a skin exam.