At MOD Dermatology, we offer cryotherapy, a treatment for various skin concerns. This simple technique uses extreme cold to freeze unwanted tissue like warts, skin tags, and even early-stage skin cancers. This controlled frostbite triggers your body's healing process, replacing damaged cells with healthy ones.

Our dermatologists prioritize personalized care. We meticulously evaluate your skin growth and perform biopsies if necessary. We will discuss all available treatments to find the right fit for you. Cryotherapy is often a good option because it's minimally invasive, highly successful, allows quick recovery, and is more affordable than some treatments. After your cryosurgery, you may experience some temporary redness and swelling.

To address your skin concerns, schedule your appointment with our dermatology office near Papillion to see if cryotherapy is the right treatment option for your needs.


Cryotherapy is a safe and effective procedure for the removal of growths on the skin. It can help with a variety of skin issues like warts and other skin growths. Some benefits of our cryosurgery near Papillion include:

Renewed confidence: Removing unsightly warts, skin tags, or other skin growths boosts self-confidence, helping people feel more attractive without resorting to invasive cosmetic surgery methods.


Cryotherapy is a procedure that uses extremely cold liquid nitrogen or argon gas to remove unwanted skin growths like seborrheic keratosis. Our Papillion-area dermatologists will perform an examination to identify the problem areas. During your cryosurgery, liquid nitrogen is applied to the area using a cotton swab or a special spray device. This freezing process kills the skin growth and leaves the healthy skin surrounding the area unharmed.


After your cryotherapy treatment, caring for the treated area is key to proper healing. Based on the specific treatment, personalized aftercare instructions are provided. It's vital to keep the area clean and dry and away from direct sunlight to avoid further irritation. Some discomfort or pain may follow your treatment, but this can be managed with over-the-counter pain relief. Minor side effects like swelling, redness, or even infection might occur. 


If you have skin growths such as seborrheic keratoses and want to know more about our cryotherapy treatments near Papillion, schedule your appointment with MOD Dermatology today!

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