Alopecia is used as a general term for hair loss. There are a number of different types of alopecia conditions that vary in their causes and severity. Men and women alike can be affected by alopecia. In Papillion, hair loss in women and men can be treated. While it is typical to lose some of your hair each day, the concern comes when hair loss is more prevalent, and a person starts to experience a receding hairline, thinning, or patchiness.


While some hair loss throughout the day is normal, increased hair loss could be a sign of alopecia. Clumps of hair falling out or patchy spots on your scalp are common symptoms of alopecia. Burning and redness of the scalp may also occur. Brittle fingernails and toenails are sometimes attributed to an early sign of hair loss. It is important to talk to your dermatologist if you notice conditions related to hair loss or alopecia. In Papillion, NE, MOD Dermatology is proud to offer our years of expertise and treatment to restore your hair and confidence.


  1. Androgenic alopecia: A genetic disorder in men and women that causes a well defined pattern of baldness.
  2. Alopecia areata: A disorder in which your immune system attacks the hair follicles, and causes hair loss.
  3. Alopecia totalis: A rare condition that causes complete hair loss.
  4. Traction alopecia: Hair loss due to the hair being pulled or placed under constant tension.
  5. Cicatricial alopecia: A rare disorder that destroys hair follicles and replaces them with scar tissue, causing permanent hair loss.


Our expert dermatologists in Papillion will recommend an alopecia and hair loss treatment plan based on the condition of your hair and hair loss, your skin condition, and what type of alopecia you are experiencing. The most common alopecia and hair loss treatments our Papillion dermatologists recommend include topical corticosteroids or corticosteroid injections, topical Minoxidil, anthralin, and topical immunotherapy for sufferers of extensive hair loss. We have a whole range of other options for alopecia and hair loss treatments in Papillion which we can go over with you at MOD Dermatology. 

Contact us today for a consultation on your hair loss at Papillion’s MOD Dermatology. Our  team will address the concerns you have, and the possible treatments available for your particular condition. 

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