Surgical Dermatology

At MOD Dermatology, we employ various procedures, including surgical methods, such as lipoma, mole, and cyst removal surgery in Bellevue to treat various types of skin cancers. Surgical dermatology allows us to tackle the most serious of conditions, like melanoma, as well as benign growths, in an effective manner.

Surgical Cancer Treatments

We offer surgical dermatology in Bellevue, NE, to help with skin cancer treatments. The most common cancers we treat are:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Melanoma

Non-melanoma skin cancers traditionally respond well to surgical procedures, which allows us to provide the help you need. 

Our experts can also effectively diagnose melanoma early, which is crucial when dealing with this serious type of skin cancer. Mohs surgery is one of the most effective and advanced treatments we offer for melanoma.

Fremont, NE Surgical Dermatology | Skin Cancer | Mole Removal

Benign Growths

At MOD Dermatology, we can also effectively remove benign growths. As you age, you may notice more lumps and spots appearing on your skin. These can include freckles, skin tags, moles, and liver spots. 


Most of the time, these growths are harmless, but you may want to remove them for aesthetic reasons. At our surgical dermatology center in Bellevue, we will assess the growths to determine the best way to handle them, focusing primarily on your needs and considerations.


Our Surgical Sessions

We offer lipoma, mole, and cyst removal surgery, in Bellevue, on-site, using topical anesthesia. This can prevent the risks associated with general anesthesia as well as the costs involved with a hospital stay. Topical anesthesia can also help avoid a long recovery.

Surgical Dermatology in Bellevue, NE

Surgical intervention is sometimes necessary for the treatment of skin cancer. It is also a good option to remove skin growths for aesthetic reasons. At MOD Dermatology, we offer effective surgical options for all manner of skin conditions. 

With our patient-focused approach, we can customize treatments to fit your individual needs and goals. Call us today to schedule an appointment for lipoma, mole, and cyst removal surgery at Bellevue’s top of the line dermatology center!