Gretna, NE Wart, Cyst, & Lipoma Removal

Many people are affected by warts, cysts, lipoma (a fatty lump just beneath the skin), and moles. These common skin lesions typically do not pose a physical threat. Sometimes, however, our patients from Gretna request wart, cysts, and lipoma removal for aesthetic reasons, uncomfortableness, or to eliminate potentially cancerous skin growths. 

The removal process for these skin lesions is performed in-office and is over rather quickly. While there may be certain post-care instructions for you to follow after the procedure, patients typically can resume their usual activities immediately upon leaving our clinic.

A doctor analyzing an older patient's hand for any abnormalities.

Common Skin Growths and Treatments

Cysts are closed sacs of different types of fluid that can be found almost anywhere on the body. There are several types of cysts, including epidermal (sebaceous) cysts, trichilemmal (pilar) cysts, and milium cysts. Thankfully, cyst removal is normally an easy procedure and can be completed with a small incision to drain the cyst, or by an excision to entirely remove the cyst. 

Warts are non-cancerous growths caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. They are flesh-like bumps on the skin that normally show up on your hands or feet. If your wart doesn’t go away on its own, our certified dermatologists at MOD Dermatology near Gretna offer wart removal options, such as freezing the wart off through cryotherapy.

Lipomas are typically benign and slow-growing soft deposits of fat located just beneath the skin and above the muscle layer. These lumps are known for their ability to shift slightly under pressure. Common sites for lipomas include the neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms, and thighs. While they usually don't require treatment, surgery might be considered if they become uncomfortable, painful, or show signs of growth. In rare instances, lipomas can develop into cancerous growths, and some individuals may have multiple lipomas.

Moles usually develop in areas subject to consistent sun exposure. They are characterized by dark-colored spots that appear in different shapes and sizes. At our MOD Dermatology clinic near Gretna, mole and cyst removal, along with the removal of warts, are among the most common services performed by our expert team of dermatologists. Removal procedures are usually done by surgical excision or shaving.

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If you are worried about any unusual changes in a mole, wart, or cyst, contact our surgical dermatology office in the Gretna area today. Our certified dermatologists can examine the skin lesion to determine if its removal is needed.