Dermaplaning Near Gretna, NE


Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a scalpel to skim off up to two weeks of dead skin buildup, including peach fuzz. This cosmetic treatment is also effective for residents of Gretna with rosacea, skin redness, and hyperpigmentation. Adding dermaplaning to your existing skin treatment plan can help maximize your desired results. While there may be some redness within the 24 hours after a procedure, there is no required downtime after your dermaplaning service near Gretna. By receiving your treatment from one of our certified dermatologists at MOD Dermatology, you can be sure there will be no pain or accidental scarring. At our skin clinic, we use medical-grade tools to remove more layers of skin than you could at home, which allows for greater exfoliation and better results, as well as a safer treatment.

Each dermaplaning session takes around 30 minutes, and results can last up to three weeks. Because new skin is revealed, the area will be sensitive the first few days after treatment. We recommend avoiding direct sunlight and extreme heat for three days following your treatment. Don’t use any type of exfoliator within a week after your treatment.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

By revealing new skin cells, dermaplaning helps to reduce acne scarring and uneven skin texture. It also creates a glowing and youthful look. Your skin is gently exfoliated, which creates cell regeneration. This can help to reduce symptoms of rosacea. Makeup and skin care products tend to reach their optimal effect on your skin when it is smooth and hair-free. By removing excess dirt and oil, your blackheads will diminish and pores will appear smaller.

Those who have received dermaplaning at our Gretna-area dermatology clinic are left with a renewed and more youthful appearance. Whether you struggle with rosacea, skin redness, or hyperpigmentation, dermaplaning can help. Call our office near Gretna for a dermaplaning consultation today and learn more about how it can benefit your skin.