At MOD Dermatology, we offer premier cryotherapy in the Gretna area. This simple procedure uses extreme cold to eliminate unwanted tissue such as warts, skin tags, and early-stage skin cancers. The process resembles controlled frostbite, triggering your body's natural healing process to replace damaged cells with fresh, healthy skin.

Our seasoned dermatologists prioritize personalized care. We thoroughly examine your skin growths and perform tests if necessary. All potential treatment options are discussed to find the most suitable for your specific needs. Cryotherapy is favored for its simplicity, high effectiveness, rapid recovery time, and affordability. Temporary side effects like redness and swelling can occur.

Regardless of the type of skin issues you're facing, our dermatologists are here to guide you confidently through the process at our dermatology office near Gretna. If you're considering whether cryotherapy might be right for you, consult with our expert team at MOD Dermatology!


Cryotherapy, using extreme cold for treatment, has gained popularity due to its potential benefits for the skin and body. Localized cryotherapy treatments offer a variety of advantages and can effectively manage skin growths such as warts and seborrheic keratosis. The potential benefits of cryotherapy include:

Renewed confidence: Removing unwanted growths like warts or skin tags can boost self-esteem. People feel more attractive without resorting to invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, fostering a sense of renewed confidence.


Cryotherapy uses argon gas or liquid nitrogen to remove unwanted skin growths, such as seborrheic keratosis. At our Gretna-area office, our skilled dermatologists identify the problematic area and apply the extremely cold liquid using either a cotton swab or a targeted spray. This freezing action destroys abnormal tissue while sparing surrounding healthy skin. Generally, this procedure is safe and patients usually tolerate it well.


After your cryosurgery at our Gretna-area clinic, correct aftercare is vital for proper healing. We offer personalized guidelines based on the type of treatment and the area that is treated. It's important to keep the area clean, dry, and out of direct sunlight to prevent irritation. Some may experience slight discomfort post-treatment, but this is usually controlled well with over-the-counter pain medicine.

Side effects like temporary swelling, redness, or infection may appear. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your smooth recovery. We're here to address your concerns and observe your healing process for optimal results. Your health and satisfaction are our top priorities; we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care from consultation through recovery after your cryotherapy treatment at our office near Gretna.

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Cryotherapy is a quick and effective procedure that minimizes scars and speeds recovery. Start your journey to improved skin health and schedule your appointment with MOD Dermatology today!