Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes a person to lose pigment in parts of their skin. This autoimmune disease kills the melanocyte skin cells. Melanocyte is the cell that produces the melanin pigment in your skin which gives it its color. While vitiligo does not cause any serious health issues, it can decrease a person's self-esteem and cause them to be more susceptible to sunburn, hearing loss, and issues with the eyes. There are three subtypes of vitiligo.

Focal vitiligo is when patches of vitiligo appear in certain small areas. It is normally known as the initial stage of vitiligo and can turn into a different subtype over time.

Segmental vitiligo, also known as localized vitiligo, is when patches of depigmentation are found in only one area of the body. 

Generalized vitiligo, also known as nonsegmental vitiligo, is characterized by the loss of pigment of the skin that occurs in patches all over one's body.

MOD Dermatology near Bellevue greatly values all of our client's physical and mental health. This is why we are proud to offer cutting-edge vitiligo treatments for Bellevue clients. 

A woman smiling as the lower half of her neck has signs of discolor on her skin.


Anyone can be affected by vitiligo; however, most people start to experience symptoms before the age of 30. This skin condition is typically more noticeable in those with darker skin tones. Several factors point to an increased risk of someone developing this skin condition including those with a family history of vitiligo or those with another autoimmune disorder such as anemia, psoriasis, lupus, and type 1 diabetes. 


Our board-certified dermatologists in the Bellevue area will determine the best treatment plan for your condition depending on the type and severity of the vitiligo. Several treatments might be recommended by our specialists, including steroids (topical or systemic), topical calcineurin inhibitors, light therapy such as narrow-band ultraviolet light (NBUVB), or immune-suppressing medications. These treatments can help stop the spread as well as start to restore some color within the skin.

It is possible to bring back your confidence! Call our office near Bellevue for a vitiligo treatment consultation, and learn more about your options.